Putting off Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Have you been talking about starting a business forever, but you haven’t actually done it yet? Here are the top reasons why most people put off starting their businesses.

You are not clear about what you’re selling

If someone asked you what you were selling, could you easily sum it up in a line or two? If you can’t easily explain it to someone else, it must not be clear in your own mind. This lack of clarify can leave you lacking motivation to get started. So, take time to craft a statement that clearly defines what you do and for you.

You don’t have time

However busy your life is, you can make time if you are really determined to start your business. You can eliminate time-wasting activities and use that time to make to-do lists of what you need to do to get started. One tip that works if to have a diary or schedule and block out time to work on the business. This way you cannot fill it with other commitments or find tasks to help you procrastinate.

You haven’t made your first sale

We can sometimes be so worried that we will fail, and no one will want what were selling, that we put it off. But all feedback is good feedback. Knowing what they love, or hate will help you know what you need to change and improve.

You don’t have a plan

The first thing you need is a business plan. You can see what you’ve got and know what actions you need to take. It gives you direction, motivation and, funnily enough, makes your business work. If you don’t have one already, start one. You can find a template online and fill it in. This will then allow you to tackle the plan.

You don’t have a goal

When you have a clear goal, you know where you need to get to. New business starters with real drive are the ones who have a clear vision of where they want to be, and what they want their business to look like.

You don’t have any money

Having a big budget is easier to launch with as its easier to fill any holes in your business. But when your business can’t run on the money it earns then its not financially feasible.

Starting with a small fun is not bad and can allow you to see unnecessary purchases before you fund into them. This is why self-funding and starting small can be an advantage.

 You don’t have a team

It is important to find a team when you start a business for a number of reasons. They are there for you to moan to, support you, push you and to turn to for advice. When working alone it can be hard to keep up the enthusiasm day after day. You team can be made of other businesses or freelancers. Sometimes joining a group of those who are also self-employed can be beneficial even if they are not in the same industry. They can help with the business aspect of things that you all have in common. That is why our group is so helpful to business women. You can connect with so many talented like minded women with a range of skills.