Starting Your Business (FREE for VIPs) by sinead norton

Starting Your Business (FREE for VIPs)

So you have your business idea and you are raring to go! Some people see a niche in the market, or have worked somewhere previously and know they can set up on their own. 

Perhaps you have a talent or skill and want to share your passion for it with others. How many times have you started it and then been held back by feelings of being scared, overwhelmed, and not knowing where to begin? 

More importantly, how many times have you lay awake at night and regretted not starting that business today? 

You could be the most skilled person in your field of expertise but you are setting yourself up for failure unless you focus on: 

What way you want to market your product or service. 

Where you are going to position yourself in the marketplace. 

How you are going to demonstrate your worth and your expertise.

Where you will be found. 

This Starting Your Business Course focuses on helping you identify answers to the following questions: 

What do you sell? 
Who are your customers? Where will your customers find you? 
How much money do you want to make? 
Why is setting a target so important? 
How do you stay motivated?

What's included?

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KNOW What you are selling
WHO are your Customers?
WHERE will your Customers find you?
Having a target
How to Stay Motivated
Knowing Your Customer
Setting up a Home Office
Starting Your Business Workbook
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