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Open For Business

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1. Becoming Business Ready
Chapter One -Becoming Business Ready
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Week 1 Worksheet - Who are my Customers
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Week 1 Worksheet - Identifying my Sales Target
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Week 1 Worksheet Business Plan Guide
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Week 1 Setting up your home office - Basics
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2. Becoming Google Ready
Chapter Two - Becoming Google Ready
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Where to sign up for Google My Business
Week 2 Worksheet what to post on Google My Business
40.7 KB
The Importance of Google my Business
Using your insights report on Google my Business
Google my Business Insights
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All about Google Reviews
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3. Becoming Facebook Ready
Chapter Three - Becoming Facebook Ready
2.94 MB
Facebook Help on Setting up your Page
Setting up the Correct Templates and Tabs for your page
Using Facebook Templates and Tabs week 3
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Why your Facebook Page Profile Photo is so important.pdf
1.02 MB
17 Fantastic Uses for Your Cover Photo to help build your business
2.83 MB
Changing your Facebook Button
Setting up Events for your business using Facebook Events
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Using Facebook Notes to blog
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Setting up appointments using Facebook
Scheduling Posts on your Facebook Page
Going Live on your Facebook Page
What is the Facebook Pixel and what is it for?
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Using Facebook Groups for Business
2.72 MB
Facebook's Rules for running a competition on your business page
More about Facebook Competitions and some ideas
Avoiding Facebook Jail
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4. Becoming Instagram Ready
Chapter Four - Becoming Instagram Ready
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Business Instagram Link
Instagram for Business
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How Instagram is good for your business
7 Pro Tips on how to make your Instagram stand out
4 Ways to use Instagram Highlights in your social media marketing
The importance of location tagging on Instagram
How to use Instagram Stories
Instagram Marketing Tips for Business
Being Consistent on Social Media
The Power of Instagram Live Videos
Add Shopping on your Instagram
Introducing IGTV - Instagram for Business
5 Becoming B2B Ready
Chapter Five: Becoming B2B Ready - Linkedin
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Chapter Five - Becoming B2B Ready - Twitter
1.91 MB
5 Top Tips for Online Networking
Business Networking & Referrals & How to Make the most of it
Linkedin Marketing Solutions
Using Twitter for Business and Marketing
Making Use of Online Business Directories
6. Becoming Pinterest Ready
Chapter Six:Becoming Pinterest Ready
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Pinterest Case Studies
How to use Pinterest for Business
Pinterest as an information resource
Using Canva Graphics on Pinterest
Add your catalogue of products to Pinterest to drive traffic to your shop
5 Ways to sell using Pinterest
Pinterest business account set up | Pinterest for business
7. Utilizing Online Platforms
Chapter Seven: Utilising Online Platforms
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Places to sell online
1.46 MB
Top Ecommerce Platform Comparison
Getting started with Shopify
Getting Started with WooCommerce
Using a Facebook Shop to sell
Getting started on eBay
Getting started on Etsy
Getting Started with Amazon
How To Sell On Amazon FBA UK For Beginners in 2019
8. Becoming Booked up
Chapter Eight: Using Google Calendar for appointments
Facebook Appointment Calendar Set Up Tutorial
Acuity Scheduling for appointments
Reservio online appointment scheduler
Planyo Reservation System
Top 10 Ten Booking / Scheduling Providers
Using Google Forms and Sheets for Customer Forms
Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Systems
9. Mailing Lists
Chapter Nine: Why a mailing list is important
3.95 MB
What is a mailing list and why do I need one?
23 Ways to build your mailing list
40 ways to build your email list
Start my mailing list
Getting Started with Mailchimp
Getting Started with Campaign Monitor
Getting Started with Streamsend
Getting Started with Constant Contact
Getting Started with Mailerlite
Making Money from your Email List
10. Sales Training
Managing your mood in sales
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Building and scaling a repeatable sales process
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How to pitch without really knowing anything
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Asking the Right Questions
63.6 KB
Customer Sales Pyramid
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