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Online Business Expo

Our Online Business Expo will be taking place from Friday 28th - Monday 31st August (Bank Holiday Weekend)

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Some of our Online Exhibitors and their offers

Check out some of our online exhibitors and their offers in our Online Business Expo

What's included?

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Getting Started.. What you need to do now!
The Expo Guide
Download the Expo Guide
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Expo Offers
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Am Mia Handmade
40.2 KB
84.4 KB
Atlantic Rose
71.5 KB
Anne McSorley Travel Counsellor
1 MB
Artybird - Donna Mariea Lynch
530 KB
Belinda Dale Neals Yard Remedies
502 KB
Bonjour Amigos
24 KB
Breathe NI
1.37 MB
Campbell Ritchie Chartered Accountant
104 KB
Carrie Anne's Nail Bar
821 KB
89.5 KB
Celtic Energy Medicine
2.3 MB
Christina Dickson Norwex Consultant
139 KB
Claire Bain - Next Steps
94.9 KB
Diane's Dresser
92.8 KB
Doula of Belfast
1.29 MB
Causeway Cookie Company
11.6 MB
Dream Beauty
1.52 MB
Essentially You NI
42.6 KB
Fee McToal Millinery
61.1 KB
Flawless Beauty Pamper Parties
179 KB
Franchine Young
458 KB
Generally Speaking With Vicky Blades
55.1 KB
Hashtag Library
528 KB
Jasmine & Lily Floral Wreaths
24.1 KB
Health is Good Food - Judith Calvin
1.16 MB
Karen Sufferin - Wellness Coach
1.12 MB
Les Papillons
250 KB
Lulu Julz Illustrations
12.6 KB
Lusso Tan
960 KB
Mellon Country Hotel
107 KB
Molly & Me Candles
1.05 MB
Michelle's Melts & More
154 KB
Music Bugs North Down
703 KB
148 KB
Neurosculpt with Karen Shirlow
111 KB
Occupational Therapy NI
250 KB
Pearl Redesigns
3.36 MB
Piloxing Fitness With Karen Sufferin
1.87 MB
Sharon Murray Linkedin
85.7 KB
TJ Torrens Photography
637 KB
Tropic Skincare with Donna Lynch
191 KB
P McKenna Motors
697 KB
The Painting Mum
367 KB
The Laser Clinic Belfast
46.6 KB
Ultimate Interiors
41.3 KB
Wee Love Languages
25.9 KB
1.13 MB
Women Gone Strong
3.57 MB
Women Gone Strong
3.54 MB
Wyse Bites
302 KB