Google My Business by sinead norton

Google My Business

It is a fast moving world and people have less time to go and look for products and services. As a result, consumers and customers look for products and services on google first and then narrow down their choices based on that they find and what is important to them.

As a result it is important to have a web presence and "Google My Business" is a free and easy way to be found. 

Download for information on how to set it up, what to post on it, how to use it to promote yourself, use the insights report to learn about your customers, and all about reviews 

What's included?

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Becoming Google Ready
Chapter 2 - Setting up Google my Business
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Where to set up Google my Business
What to post on Google my Business
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The importance of Google My Business
Using your insights report on Google my Business
Google my Business Insights report
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Google Reviews
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