Facebook Basics by sinead norton

Facebook Basics

Learn some Facebook Basics

  • Setting up a Business Facebook Page
  • Rearranging and adding templates and tabs
  • The importance of your Business Profile photo
  • Uses for your cover photo
  • Changing your Facebook Button
  • Using Facebook Notes for blogging
  • Setting up Facebook Appointments
  • Scheduling on Facebook
  • Going "Live" on Facebook
  • Installing your Facebook pixel
  • How to link your business group to your page
  • Facebook Competitions
  • Avoiding Facebook Jail 

What's included?

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Becoming Facebook Ready
Setting up your Facebook Page
2.94 MB
Link to set up a Facebook Business Page
Templates and tabs
Using the Facebook templates and tabs function
190 KB
Your Facebook Business Profile Photo
1.02 MB
Uses for your Cover Photo
2.83 MB
Using Your Facebook Button
Setting up Facebook Events
957 KB
Using Facebook Notes to Blog about your business
44.3 KB
Setting up appointments via your Facebook Business Page
Scheduling your Facebook posts
Going "Live" on Facebook
All about your Facebook Pixel
857 KB
Using Facebook Groups for Business
2.72 MB
Guidelines on running a Business competition on Facebook
Facebook Competition Ideas
Avoiding Facebook Jail
1.34 MB