Erin Walls MakeUp & Beauty

Erin Walls is a fully qualified beautician and makeup artist with over ten years of experience. At Erin Walls Makeup and Beauty, she specialises in HD Brows, Lash Lifts, gel nails, facial waxing, makeup applications and lessons. Erin provides these treatments to not only make her clients feel amazing but also to be there to help before big events and milestones such as getting you ready on your wedding day, before having your first baby and celebrations with your family and friends.

Although during quarantine Erin has not been able to physically see her clients, she is offering a three week online makeup course for £10 which will include 9 makeup tutorials. She is also providing home tinting packs that she posts out to clients who want to tint their eyebrows during this time.

Starting Her Business

Erin began her business for her love of beauty and has always been extremely passionate about it and loves making people feel like the best version of themselves. Erin said, “I really love my clients, I've had a lot stick with me from day one and hope to see them for a lot longer after lockdown is lifted.” Erin has also explained that she learnt through her business that there isn’t always one set way to do things; “In my eyes, every day is a school day.” Erin’s goal for the future for her business is to develop some of her own products and create a full line.

Erin & Mums at Work

During Erin’s time in the Mum’s at Work group, she has had members come to her for treatments, do her online classes and show support on her videos. Erin joined Mum’s at Work with her mum from cakes2party after meeting founder Sinead Norton at wedding set up. They felt that this would be a great way to get some new “tips and tricks” to help better their businesses. “It also gave us an opportunity to talk to other like-minded women who were having the same struggles as us being self-employed and having families.” Erin said one of the main things she loves about Mum’s at Work is that there is always someone to answer her questions or has been through a similar situation. “It has been a great source of advice especially through this time.”

Erin's advice for other women in business

Erin’s advice to anyone who is starting out in their business is to find something you are passionate about and to learn as much as possible through regular training to help sell your products or services.
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