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Diane Corcoran – Diane’s Dresser

Diane Corcoran – Diane’s Dresser offers a range of personal styling services for women and more recently, men. The business, Diane’s Dresser is based in Donaghadee  and this is where she holds her consultations. Diane welcomes her clients with a coffee and a chat before diving into their styling interests, goals and concerns. Diane said, “We focus only on the positives and how we can increase your confidence and make you feel great about your look and clothing choices.”

What kind of Stylist is Diane?

Diane is a “sustainable” stylist which means she believes in getting maximum wear from each item to not only save money but also the planet. She explains that you don’t need lots of clothes, but you do need to have the right clothes for your lifestyle. Diane focuses on helping real women to identify and understand their style. It is all about the individual and what makes them unique and feel great. Diane said; “I help women to dress without the stress! When you understand the colours and styles of clothes that suit you best, then you can create a look that truly reflects your personality and have a wardrobe of clothes that provides the outfits you need for your lifestyle.” She helps make over wardrobes to ensure that the client only has clothes that they will 100% wear.

Why would someone need a stylist and what services are provided?

Doing this is very beneficial for the mental and emotional health. Holding onto clothes from the past can hold us back and getting rid of them makes room for who we are today and the person we want to become. Diane explains that when she works with wardrobes, she sees her client transitioning and becoming excited about their future self. She says; “Always dress to reflect the woman you are today and not move forward; the girl of yesteryear has gone.”

Diane provides all this through a number of services. For the ladies she has a Colour and Style session, Wardrobe Makeovers, Personal Shopping, Sip and Style parties and different events about creating a sustainable wardrobe, dressing for interviews and defining your personal brand. For the men she has Define My Style, Makeover My Wardrobe and Shop with OR For Me.

How Diane got started in her business

Diane started her business after her previous work contract finished and was offered a renewal. Instead she said; “No thanks, it’s time for me to work for me now and follow my dreams, create my own business”. She then took a leap into the world of styling and self-employment and has never looked back.

Diane loves her business for many reasons. Firstly, she loves working with colour and seeing the effect it has on daily life through our moods and emotions. Secondly, she also enjoys working with her clients and seeing their transformation. Finally, Diane explains how her clients can arrive feeling deflated but leave with a spring in their step. This is all down to believing they are good enough and can accomplish what they want. This is to do with their own self belief which makes their confidence rise and boost their self-esteem.

Diane’s Goals for her business

Diane’s goals for the future of her business is to change the structure and hours. She would like to make specific days for face-to-face clients and to secure bookings for men’s styling. She is also aiming for a 50% market to include online sessions about developing sustainable styling and organise a clothes swap event.

New Service recently launched

Diane has recently launched a new home styling line to her business and this has taken the form in beautiful bespoke faux “Summer Sunflower” wreath collection for interiors & for exteriors. You can see lots of these on her social media. They have been a massive hit and have been flying out the door. Diane has been delighted to receive glowing reviews from her customers.

Why Diane Joined Mums at Work

Diane joined Mum’s at Work because she needed support, help and guidance. She wanted to get to know like-minded people who are also on their own self-employment journey. Facebook is Diane’s platform and Mums at Work has become a great value for her. She explains; “Self-employment can be a lonely path and there are periods of isolation and uncertainly, to be part of a group, connect and engage with others who often experience the same lifestyle, is extremely reassuring and motivating.”

Collaborations through Mums at Work

Since joining Mums at Work Diane has made strong friendships and even collaborated with members of the group. Earlier this year she has hosted a Sip & Style Party alongside Christina Dickson from Norwex. She also has had great support from Helen McMahon from Goody Training Solutions and Johanna Logan from Logan IT Services and have attended events together. Sharon Ayton from Hope & Healing by Sharon Ayton continues to bring Diane clients and even comes along with them. Many other members of the group have referred my services and I appreciate each one of them. Diane also loves to help promote and support others and does this when she is talking to clients or see an opportunity on Facebook to recommend.

Diane loves Mums at Work because there is a wealth of strong skill sets, knowledge, experience and a ready willingness to give to others. The empathy, connections and appreciation of the challenges that arise and how these affect us as human beings, is something the members of Mums at Work have in common. Diane said; “It provides me with a safety net. I feel more secure in my business, knowing that I have the MAW group to help me.”

Diane’s has expressed her appreciation for founder Sinead Norton by saying; “She is a Powerhouse! She rises to every challenge and if she doesn’t have an answer or solution, she goes that extra mile to get one! Sinead is the role model that inspires us all.”

Diane’s advice for anyone who is starting out in business

Diane’s advice to anyone who is starting out in business is; “Put your crash helmet on, strap yourself in and prepare for the rollercoaster ride of your life!” She explained that it’s all about the highs and lows and you must be able to draw strength from your toes to withstand the tough days. When you do, the rewards are phenomenal, and you recharge and become more motivated to reach your goals. The things Diane didn’t know at the start of her business is that she has to go and get new clients, they do not magically appear! When she launched at the end of 2017, she naively thought clients would hear about her business and book. She also realised that Public Speaking is essential and there was no point in fighting it, since then she has now conquered this fear. Diane also noticed that clients want to see and know the real authentic her. She explained; “I make mistakes sometimes and that what I do is not about vanity but rather about digging deep and finding the real you.”

Diane’s Personal Goals

Diane’s personal goals for the future is to do her bit to help save our planet. Fashion is the 3rd highest polluter and doing untold damage. She has an opportunity to make a difference. She would also like to have more control of my work, personal life and holiday balance. In her spare time Diane is a carer for her mum who has Alzheimer’s and also parents her teens. She also lives on the coast and appreciates daily walks by the sea. She explained that this is not only good exercise but essential for her mental health too. Along with this she is a fan of yoga, meditation and all things Zen. “It is important to take time out of each and every day for me. I walk or meditate when I feel stressed or become overwhelmed with life. This recharges me.”

Contact Diane

Contact Diane Corcoran at Diane’s Dresser on Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively for collaborations and inquiries, visit Diane here