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Stacey Kilpatrick has been a makeup artist for over ten years and specialises in natural, beauty makeup and has won many accolades during this time including UK Makeup Specialist, Irish Makeup Artist of the Year and Best Bridal Makeup Artist. Stacey uses her skills and flawless style of natural makeup to help her clients look like the best version of themselves. She does this by not masking the clients face but by using the makeup to enhance their natural features.

Stacey offers makeup application and lessons from her studio and can also work on location for commercial shoots and editorial work. She will also travel extensively throughout Northern and Southern Ireland to her bridal clients. Along with this Stacey also retails several stunning makeup brands and gift ranges.

How Stacey has diversified during lockdown

Throughout lockdown she has been running Virtual Makeup Parties and lessons, a drive through foundation colour matching services and shopping experiences for her clients. She does this alongside keeping up her social media content.

Why Stacey started S.A.K. Designs

Being a makeup artist was always something Stacey wanted to do; however, she took a slightly different direction by studying fashion design and event management first. Through her fashion degree, her passion for makeup grew stronger and also allowed her to make contacts in the makeup industry. This allowed her to follow her dream career.

Stacy has since built her business S.A.K. Designs from nothing. She loves how her clients have trust and faith in her to be a part of their weddings and special occasions. “I am so passionate about what I do and always thrive to do better and build on my business for my clients. I love the people I work with and the community I am part of. I love that my passion and success allows me to do what I love daily and support my family.” Stacey said.

Stacey’s advice for other Women who are starting a Business

When beginning her business, she realised that she is not superwoman and life will throw many curved balls. Having a family to support itself is a whole challenge alongside a business. All the experiences have made Stacey and her business what they are today, and she would change nothing about it. She explained; “Mumpreneurs are incredible humans but always remember asking for help is a superpower.” This is one piece of advice Stacey would give to someone starting out in business other than to be committed to the chosen industry and also be passionate about it.

She also said; “Success does not come overnight. Build good contacts and network, the contacts I made over 20 years ago still stand by me. Know your worth. Believe in yourself. Work hard. Build your tribe.”

Why Stacey Joined Mums at Work

Stacey joined Mums at Work because she believes there is nothing more empowering than a group of women supporting women. Having the backing of women who are mums that understand your daily struggles, who get it and know what it takes, is a special network to have. Since joining Mums at Work Stacey has worked for several of the members in the group through photo shoots they have done together for all their clients to see and promote their businesses.

Thank you to  Stacey Kilpatrick S.A.K. Designs for sharing her story.

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