Content Ideas for Wellness Professionals (FREE for VIPs) by sinead norton

Content Ideas for Wellness Professionals (FREE for VIPs)

Ideal for Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Professionals

The Content Ideas eBook is designed to help you plan your posts for your social media so that you can maintain a relationship with customers at this time. Since you may not be able to open for services right away or at full capacity, it's essential to tell customers what you can do and to support them. By doing this, you are maintaining a relationship with them and when business resumes, you will be at the forefront of their minds.

Consistency in posting is everything nowadays and getting endless content ideas for social media posts is not easy!

Build engagement and spark conversations with your followers with new ideas.

These are content and business posts that you can use in your feed to help you create the right kind of posts scripts now and for the next months.

Who are these content ideas best for?

Perfect for coaches and fitness businesses who need social media help and business ideas to work on during this time. 

Even when some services have been suspended and bookings postponed, there are lots of way to engage with customers. 

In the event you may not be able to work one on one with customers, you can continue to build a relationship with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

This eBook is to help you with ideas on how to showcase the other services and support you can provide for your customers.

You can start using all these ideas right away. These ideas are valid and great post ideas when you are in full service as well.

I hope these content ideas can lead to alternative income streams that can support you so your can have create a great work / life balance.

What's included?

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Content Ideas for Wellness Professionals
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