Claire McGill

About Claire McGill , Owner of Inner Beauty

Claire McGill, from Inner Beauty joined The Mums at Work Network after the community was recommended to her. Since then, Claire has had many collaborations in the group including printed tote bags supplied by Marie Walker from MyClubStuff, her professional headshots taken by Catriona Corrigan from Divine Photography. She also hosted a social media workshop held by Mum’s at Work founder, Sinead Norton. Claire has said that the support in the group is “phenomenal and 24/7” and loves the friendships and business opportunities it has brought her.

What Claire McGill Specialises in at Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty is a beauty salon in Dungiven that has been up and running for nearly 15 years. Claire specialises in skincare and facial treatments. She believes in consultations, assessments and trying before you buy. Claire supplies a vast range of treatments and products to suit each individual. Their treatments include dermaplaning, pedicures and feet treatments and all types of massages and reflexology. Inner Beauty carries out other beauty and hair type treatments with their team renting spaces including Botox clinics and Chiropodists and podiatry clinics. Claire also specialises in colonic hydrotherapy.

Passionate about Skincare

Inner Beauty carry four skincare rages; Dermalogica, Decleor, Payot and Skin peels. “We carry out a large range of facial assessments and treatments, followed by skincare and makeup advice, from our ranges, Jane Iredale mineral makeup, Fuschia M Unwrap Makeup, Vita Liberata organic tan.” They also do makeup applications, gel polish, nail extensions, waxing and all tinting including lash lifts and extensions.

Why Claire loves her business

Claire loves her business as it allows her to help people solve skincare problems to make their clients look and feel good. She started her business due to her love for people and skin. The only thing Claire would change about her business is the influence of the internet on her customers. People can waste money on buying products that have popped up online and will end up not working and leaving them disappointed. “I believe education is key on products, I trial everything for a minimum of six months before I’d bring it to my clients” said Claire.

Claire's advice to other people who are starting their own business

When giving advice to people who are trying to start their own business, Claire says; “Don’t be forced into big opening orders or pressured into buying in bulk, speak to someone who has said range not just the company rep who is there on commission”
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