Cecilia Timoney

Cecilia Timoney - Physiotherapy Associates

Cecilia Timoney set up her business, Physiotherapy Associates in 1996. She treats a wide range of Musculoskeletal conditions, offering diagnosis, tailored treatment and rehabilitation and exercise prescription for self-management. Cecilia also offer Pilates and Yoga on 1-1 or class basis alongside other therapies. These are Sports Massage, Podiatry, Counselling and Complementary Treatments, all available at the clinic. The treatments solve problems for her clients who seek pain relief, improvement in movement and function. They also help prevent the recurrence of symptoms.

How Cecilia solves problems for her Customers

Cecilia first starts by assessing the client to help diagnose the problem and what treatment she can offer. She explains, “We are trained in various approaches to treatment according to what we are dealing with. Pilates and Yoga are very helpful for core strength and flexibility. Sports massage maintains muscle movement. Holistic treatments are another excellent way of treating an array of problems.”

Cecilia started her business after seeing the need to offer her services on continual basis. She is also available evenings and Saturdays. Cecilia loves her business because she can do so much to help prevent client’s problems from getting worse. She also loves it because she has met so many lovely people over the years. Job satisfaction is a major bonus.

Cecilia and Mums at Work

Cecilia started her business when there was no internet and no social media. This was a huge learning curve for her at first. She admits that she is still getting to grips with some of it. Cecilia joined Mums at Work for the networking element and is always interested in what other people do. She loves how she can go to the directory and contact someone who has come recommended for her needs. Through this she has purchased some of the other members products and services such as Stefany Watson, who provided her with flyers and signs, Dawn Callender who has helped with legal documents and Christina Dickson’s cleaning products and cloths.

Cecilia said, “It has been fantastic to connect with like-minded people.”

Cecilia’s advice for anyone starting out in business is “Get a real feel for what people need and do your research well and just go for it!”
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