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Theresa Conway Hill

Read all about our member Theresa Conway Hill and her business Harmony Holistic Art.

Please tell me a bit about Theresa Conway Hill..
For as long as I remember, I’ve been fascinated by the Beauty of Creation all around me! You’ll find me out in Nature’s Energy as often as possible… where My Free Spirit is Restored & My Inspiration is enhanced! I Love & Appreciate the Simple Pleasures of Life, which to me really are the important things…

Many years ago now, The “Plan” was to go to Art College, however, deep down I always had a strong desire to “be a Nurse & this won in the end!
My reasoning was “if I only pursue my Art, that’s all I’ll be able to do…if I train as a Nurse, I’ll always be able to do both!”… And that’s exactly how it’s all worked out!

I am a Registered Nurse, with 33+ yrs experience. I have worked in the Charitable Sector, now for 20yrs +, 18 of which, I have worked in Mental Health in the Community.

Therefore, regarding my Art I’m self taught but I’ve continued to study & take courses of interest over the subsequent years. I’ve been commissioned to do pieces both large & small for private collections & have shown in local Galleries.

As well as juggling my career & raising my 2 sons, I was keen to learn more about & trained in various Eastern Healing modalities…knowing more about “Everything is Energy!”…
My Art work now Reflects this too!

What area do you specialise in?

Art & Holistic Therapies

Where are you based?  Cookstown

What services and products do you provide?

I create Intuitive Art, Infused with Reiki & Crystal Energy… I mainly work now with Acrylics & mixed media.

Also I create Bespoke Art, either Fine or Abstract, to suit your needs & to enhance your life!

Specialising in Reiki, Tapping Technique; Acupressure, Muscle Release, with Crystals, & much more. I provide these relaxing treatments, in the privacy of a cosy log cabin, beside my
home, in Cookstown.

I also provide Mental Wellbeing sessions & Skills for Life Self~Help techniques, in local Schools & Community Groups.

Why do you love what you do?

Firstly, I love how I feel when I’m painting or giving a client a calming, relaxing treatment, both are so Meditative & emit positive, uplifting energies. Clients experience these benefits too, on every level of their Being. I love to see how clients feel so positive about my work.

“​My Creativity is continually Inspired from the Beauty & Ebb & Flow in Nature, & Life itself!
The “Bigger Picture” of Life & all that is Eternally evolving around us, has always Fascinated me & continues to evoke an indescribable Internal feeling of Connection & Knowing!
I hope you feel it too!… Now is My Time to expand My Creativity & My Visibility in the World!

What problems do you solve for your customers? 

“My Artistic Creations are imbued with the Essence of Universal Healing Energies, & my desire is that they will Enhance & Uplift You both Mentally & Emotionally!

This Life Force Energy that is in & all around us…that I’ve always Intuitively known & felt, flows through me onto the canvas, to resonate with You, who are ready to Connect with them… They will continue in the years ahead to raise Your Vibration & that of the space they live in!”

Collectors say they can “Feel this Uplifting Energy Flowing”, to them & into their surroundings!

My Holistic Therapies, help clients to destress, deeply Relax & allow their bodies to begin to Rebalance & do what it is naturally designed to do, heal itself!

Clients experience much more during each session with some Surprises thrown in!

Tell me something unique about yourself or a funny story

I’m fun loving & a secret Hippie at Heart & look forward to driving off one day, in a Camper van to travel to places off the beaten track…& park up outside a Hotel( as my friend says!)

I love this quote, “I live in My Own World, but it’s ok, they know me here!”… this just sums me up nicely!